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We were mighty impressed when we saw Sandra Plamenats’ new interpretation of ‘O Sole Mio’ recently, so we caught up with her for a quick chat. Here she is telling us why Romantic is (‘Of course!’) better than Baroque; and the best advice she ever received from her music teacher…

Nice to meet you Sandra, can you tell us a little bit about yourself – how long have you been singing?

I have been singing since I was 2 years old. Adriatic people sing all the time, so at first it was nothing special, but then I turned to opera

What’s the best advice your music teacher ever gave you?

Ms Okolisheva once told me to sing in the way that I feel comfortable and enjoy it, then others will like it too. It is very important not to try to sound like someone else, you should be yourself.

Where does your love of opera come from?

I started to listen to the records my father kept on his shelves, those were Montserrat Caballé and The Three Tenors (Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras). I figured out that I also have a vibrato and loudness in my voice, and got inspired. A couple of days ago I was talking to Placido Domingo at Vienna State Opera, and he invited me to Romeo and Juliette that he will be conducting, so he is still inspiring me!

What made you choose to reinterpret ‘O Sole Mio’ for your first single?

I’ve always loved that song, especially the version of The Three Tenors, but for some reason sopranos don’t sing it so often, so I thought it would be interesting to do a soprano version! My sunny cat Arthur, whom you can see in the video, also played a role in my choice.

Purcell or Wagner?

I love both, but I sing Wagner more often, because nowadays there are few Wagnerian voices, and if you are one of them, you can’t betray this great German composer.

Baroque or Romantic?

Of course Romantic!

Who’s you’re favourite composer?

My favorite composers are Verdi and Wagner. They were competitors in their lifetime, and it is still impossible to choose which one to like more. Also Puccini, he came later, but was the last composer of the same greatness.

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