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Inspired by her cat, her first love, her one and only, Sandra Plamenats' adaptation of the beautiful classic 'O Sole Mio' is certainly a thrill ride of a listen.

Wasting no time on introductions, the orchestra burst into life as if announcing Plamenats' arrival and accompanying her wonderful soprano vocals. The gentle orchestra highlight her voice wonderfully throughout, there's no doubt she's the star of the show. This all shapes the incredible climax before ending in D6 (for those who don't know, D6 is one of the hardest tones to achieve when singing soprano so it's kind of a big deal).

All in all I would thoroughly recommend Sandra Plamenats' 'O Sole Mio' to any classical/opera fan out there. I would also recommend the video to any classical/opera fans, cat lovers too, the cat is also cute.

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